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Do you provide props?

Currently we only provide props as part of our Deluxe & Premium Packages. If you would like to add them to a Basic Package, there is  a small fee per event (not per hour).

What happens if I lose my picture?

We have the ability to get your pictures for up to 12 months after your event, or longer if there was a live gallery. Check our contact page for how to reach us.

Do you have access to other backdrops?

We can rent backdrops from other owners, or possibly order a new one for your event, just let us know what you are looking for and we will find a way to make the backdrop perfect for your theme. If you would like a fully custom backdrop, we would need to place that order a few weeks in advance.

Do you partner with other vendors to offer discounts or packages?

Great question.  We work with several vendors.  Click here to be taken to our Partners Page.

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